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U.S.S. Cavalry of the Obsidian Fleet

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The U.S.S. CAVALRY part of the Obsidian Fleet Task Force 47. Commanded by Michael Mimiaga, The Cavalry's 5 year mission, is to explore space, and defend the United Federation of Planets. We are a Play-By-Email based RPG group. Currently we are recruiting for all positions! If your an experienced RPG'er or have no experience at all! Your welcome onboard the U.S.S. Cavalry, to apply go to the Obsidian Fleets Official Web site, listed below. 
Located along the Romulan Neutral Zone, Obsidian Fleet (Federation 9th Fleet) is tasked with maintaining a strong Starfleet presence and dealing with any threats to the Federation. Even in the face of newly renewed peace talks with the Romulan Star Empire, there are other threats that loom to threaten the Federation. Rogue factions of the Romulan and Klingon Empires are, as ever, a concern, but recently pirate activity has seen a rise as the major empires of the Alpha and Beta quadrants are still busy rebuilding from the costly Dominion War, and the disaster of the Shinzon crisis of 2379. In this time of uncertainty, with forces spread thin in an effort to adequately protect Federation interests in both the military and civillian sectors, Starfleet has commissioned Task Force 47. Under the command of Rear-Admiral James Conrad, TF47 has been tasked with strengthening the Federation's defenses against pirates, renegades, and defending against the continuing possibility of renewed Romulan hostility. Welcome to one of the finest groups of PBEM & PBB sims that you will find anywhere. Feel free to take a look around, browse the website, and maybe join a ship or two.

Obsidian Fleet Official Site

About Obsidian Fleet

The Loki system is located on the edge of the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone. It's radition and constant solar activity had wreaked havoc on it's sole populated planet, Obsidian.

In 2296, Starfleet, at the behest of the Federation Council, established a small outpost on the planet. It's primary mission was to help the planets population overcome the troubles caused by the degredation of it's ozone layer.

It would be a lie to say the task was easy. The outpost was almost destroyed shortly after it's completion; yet now, almost a hundred years later, the desert planet of Obsidian really does bloom. It's ozone layer has been repaired, and Federation terrafroming teams are bringing life back to the planet.

The fact remains, however, that the planet lies on the very edge of Federation space, only .9 of a light year from the Romulan Neutral Zone.

In 2369, plans were put forward for the construction of a permanent starbase. It was passed and construction began, only to be slowed a year later as the Dominion and Borg threats grew.

Construction was slow; the war with the Dominion was taking up the majority of the Federation and Starfleet's resources. It was shortly after the war that the Romulans offered to make the Starbase a Joint Venture. Starfleet accepted, and in 2376 the Starbase, newly painted and named Starbase Obsidian, was completed. It was then that the reason for the Romulan cooperation became clear: the Borg were attacking more and more regularly; ships were vanishing; and whole outposts went missing. In response, the Federation Council and the Romulan Senate created a joint fleet. The 9th Federation Fleet and the 12th Romulan Fleet were combined to create Obsidian Fleet. Their orders, to defend the Romulan/Federation Borders from any and all outside threats.

The venture was not always easy. As the war ended, relations between the Federation and the Romulans cooled. The cooling was also evident in Obsidian Fleet, where tensions between Federation and Romulan elements grew. After only one year, the Romulan government pulled out of Obsidian Fleet, leaving Starfleet in control of the Fleet.

Obsidian Fleet continues to protect the Federation into 2383, keeping an eye out for new threats to the safety of the Federation.


Fleet News

Predator being Hunted
5-Jun-2007     TF47 News
Starfleet Intelligence has confirmed that the USS Predator is the vessel that has been infilltrated by the traitor/saboteur, that has sent COs throughout the fleet on a witch hunt.
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Research and Development Director Needed!
4-Jun-2007     Fleet News
Imagine a role where you could make a difference in the fleet. Envision making decisions that keep Obsidian Fleet true to Star Treknology. Dream of a position that allows you to affect each person in the fleet in a positive and important way.
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Starfleet Ship Infilltrated
3-Jun-2007     TF47 News
It has come to our attention that a Starfleet ship has been infilltrated. Starfleet have also lost contact with the USS Predator.
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Welcome Home
3-Jun-2007     TF47 News
The USS Livingstone has a Nebula class star ship has arrived at Star base 47 from Utopia Planitia. Where it will be taking bringing the crew up to full strength and taking on supplies.
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President Bacco makes public address on Romulan 'Internal Crisis'
30-May-2007     TF47 News
USS Discovery and 107th Battle Group to be deployed into Romulan Space
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Contact lost with USS Lancelot and battlegroup
16-May-2007     TF47 News
The USS Ticonderoga, USS Vicksburg and USS Lancelot have ceased contact with Starfleet Command.
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Commander Michael Mimiaga


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